Basic SEO That Will Increase Your Traffic In 2020


Today, lots of people struggling to get traffic to their blog, and that’s why they want to do SEO but if you do not know basic SEO then you cannot drive traffic to your blog.

Here I will provide you full basic SEO tips and how you can improve your SEO score but before starting SEO factors you must know that what is SEO.

In simple words, Without doing basic SEO you can not put your first step in the Blogging field, you will have to learn SEO from paid courses or you can also learn by doing it practically.

What Is SEO?

SEO is also known as “Search engine optimization” It is not as hard as we think but you need to follow some rules for doing SEO of your websites.

When you type in google” Career Advice“, Youtube or anything, you see on the top of google the results you are looking for. there are billions of pages in google but only the first page gets all traffic.

In simple words, SEO helps you to rank in front of google’s first page and you will drive huge traffic and then you can make money from your website.

10 Steps For Basic SEO

  1. Customize Your Website Properly
  2. Check Errors From Your Websites
  3. Find Low Keyword Difficulty Keywords
  4. Content Strategy
  5. Creating Backlinks
  6. Update Website Every Week
  7. Creating Social Signals
  8. Writing Skills
  9. Learning SEO
  10. Stay Active On Social Sites

These are the best and very common steps in basic SEO that newbie blogger always ignores them. now let’s discuss these steps and understand how these points can help you in basic SEO factors.

Customize Your Website Properly

Does it really work in SEO, the (No-Follow) Forbes says, “Yes” website designing is very helpful for engaging visitors and well as Google bots.

Your website design must be very simple or should be user friendly. if your visitor can’t find what he wants then he will surely jump back within three seconds.

Customizing website or blog is not hard, you just have to invest your two or three hours and you can easily design your website, if you can’t design then you should make it very simple and user friendly.

There are many websites or blogs that have a simple designing structure but they have traffic in millions because they customized their website very well.

So, before starting a website you must know the value of designing and it will also help you to reduce your bounce rate if you customize your blog in a simple structure.

Check Errors Fron Your Website

Fixing errors is not a technical work whatever you have the experience, newbie or experienced blogger can easily fix errors from blogs.

How you can check errors from your website? you can use ubersuggest, it is a cheap tool that helps you to audit your website and help to fix errors from your blog.

You can find errors from your website by search”your website” on google. you just need to click on every page and you will find some errors such as 404.

After finding your errors you just have to click links and put them in your search console removal section. you should check errors in every week, it can help you to rank faster.

Find Low Keyword Difficulty Keywords

88% of bloggers fail in finding low keywords difficulty keywords because they don’t know the value of low competition keywords.

If you are a new blogger then you should not target high volume keywords in your blog post. you have to find some low keywords difficulty keywords as well as low volume.

You can use the ubersuggest tool if you have not money to invest or you can also find keywords by using ahref, or same rush.

You should know that if you find any keyword then also check that what sites are ranking on that keywords and what is the DA PA of that website.

I hope you got a point to find low competition keywords as well as low volume keywords. it can help you to rank in front of hundreds of people.

Content Strategy

Mostly bloggers confuse after three or four-month that what they should publish on their blog. Then they feel bored when you fail to find any topic.

In the end, they left blogging, Because they really don’t know what to publish and how to drive traffic on their website.

If you also do not know what to publish on the website then you should explore your competitor website that what is he publishing on his blog.

You will easily get some topics to publish and you can easily make five to 10 topics by watching your competitor website.

If you publish content every day then you will see improvement in your traffic and ranking on Google, you will start ranking with many keywords.

Creating Backlinks

Some people think that they will rank without backlinks which is totally wrong. I see many new bloggers who say” content is king in blogging” but it is not true.

BAcklinks still very important for ranking if you don’t create any backlink then you will never rank in front of google eye.

You will have to make high-quality backlinks if you want to get success in the blogging field. you can contact other bloggers by sending emails for guest posts.

You should try to make do-follow and no-follow backlinks, as well as a profile backlink, also help you to increase ranking in google.

Update Website Every Week

It is not important for every website but when you stop updating your content then it becomes a deadly website. You should always try to make it update every week or it can depend on your website.

As we know Google always prefers up to D date content and google also wants to rank new content. So it all depends on your blog that you want to update every week.

Creating Social Signals

Social sites can give a signal to Google that your website really has unique content that why people e are going to this blog.

When I started my Blogging career, I did not get any traffic from google. I followed all steps to do basic or advance SEO but I was not getting rank in google.

Then someone told me that creating social signals can help to rank in google. I used this method and my traffic and ranking increased by 40%.

So you should always try to get traffic from social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and quora forum. You can easily engage many visitors.

It will give a signal to Google that your content and blog are relevant for some topics and it will also increase trust in google’s eyes.

Writing Skills

What do you think about a 5th class student? will he write a good essay without any mistakes? A new or 5th class student can’t write an essay as you want.

Your writing skills are the main and last impression of your new visitors. If your writing skills bad then users will never read your full article.

You should try to improve your writing skills and your content will give you a beautiful gift.

Learning SEO

Life is full of learning something new, you should not think that if you learn SEO then you are an Expert. Youn should always ready to learn about your work and SEO.

You can learn SEO by watching youtube videos, or you can also enroll some paid courses as well as you can also implement your ideas in SEO.

There are lots of bloggers who already making millions of dollars but still, they are learning about SEO and its factors.

Stay Active On Social Sites

If you want to get traffic or if you are a new blogger then social sites can help you to grow fast as well as you can start making money by ads.

Social sites will also help you to become famous and trending stories in front of many people. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more traffic.

If you want to earn money fast then this step will help you to get some real money by showing ads on your blog.


A basic SEO is not hard but there are many other factors to do full SEO for your blog. but at this moment you should try to learn and implement the basic SEO.

If you have any question then you can ask us via the comment section or you can also share this post to your friends if you think it is valuable for you.